ACORN Plot Recovered From Computers Abandoned By ACORN workers


A state legislator released documents Tuesday which he says show the community-organizing group ACORN focused on helping Democrats in three legislative races in the November 2008 election and had developed a game plan to “take power” in Oklahoma within five years.
The documents, which include legislative district maps and various forms, were recovered from computers abandoned by ACORN workers in Oklahoma City…. Read More much more

This is just the tip of what will be found if investigators look as they should do. I feel that ACORN orders where coming from Obama himself or via his staff.



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4 comments on “ACORN Plot Recovered From Computers Abandoned By ACORN workers

  1. Working hand in hand with the Democrats. They’re playing dumb even in the face of physical evidence that shows ACORN was illegally working politically with the Dems. No wonder Harry Reid won’t allow an investigation.

  2. I was just reading about this a few days ago & went to ACORN’s website & did see offices listed for Oklahoma. I have written to Beck, Rush & Big Government & OK Senators about this ACORN advertising their Oklahoma presence.

    After reading this blog, I went back to ACORN website & still see that they are are advertising IRS partnership, yet the IRS supposedly had cut ties w/ACORN.

    I am going to get on the phone & make some phone calls about this.


  3. Some years ago,at Liberty News Forum, someone posted that ACORN was a “fifth column” organization hell bent on taking over the USA.

    He may have been on to more than he thought…

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