Virginia Democrat Creigh running away from President Obama.

"Me, Myself and I"

"Me, Myself and I"

Democrats were thrilled by the long length of Barack Obama’s coattails. Creigh Deeds would be a lot more thrilled today if he could just step off.Mr. Deeds is the Democratic state senator running for governor of Virginia, and while he’s at it, running away from his commander in chief. It ought to worry Democrats that their top recruit for the year already views their Washington agenda as a liability. It ought to worry Mr. Deeds that there seems no escape.

When the Democrat tries to make the race about local roads, local taxes, local jobs and local education, Mr. McDonnell has, with laser-like precision, forced him instead to defend what his party’s cap-and-trade legislation would do to Virginia’s economy, defend what Washington’s health-care agenda would do to Virginia senior citizens, or defend the February stimulus that has not created jobs. 

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The American people are tired of the Democrats big spending and taxing policies and is letting Virginia Democrat Creigh know it by not supporting him. People want a change in Washington and the only way to do that is put congress back into a balance body and not control by Reid or Nancy Pelosi.


(1) 2012 Anyone?  by Tarheeltalker


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  1. I read somewhere about a person named Wilder who has not endorsed a democrat. It was in reference to the democrat trying to get some black votes but Wilder is holding out on the democrat over the gun issue.

    I also read somewhere it said that Obama was trying to put some pressure on Wilder to publicly endorse the democrat. I think Wilder is an ex-politician & black.

    For all we know, Wilder may be a friend of the next door neighbor – Paterson.

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