Obamas Healthcare backers targeting “enemies”


Health Care for America Now (HCAN), which is backed by a coalition of labor unions and liberal groups including ACORN and MoveOn.org, organized the protests to target insurance companies and drafted the plan, which describes the demonstrations as part of its “insurance enemies project.”

The document, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times, details specific talking points, tactics, props and strategies to stage the protests. It lists goals that include action that “mobilizes our base by animating existing anger about private insurers.”

The field plan says the protests should attract media coverage that “creates villains or enemies that serve as a contrast with our side; validates the need for affordability and the public health insurance option; [and] forces the other side to respond.” Read More

Where is Nancy Pelosi and Obama in this organized Protest, yes they’re organizing the coalition which includes ACORN the corrupt group that congress cut off funds to. Nancy maybe needs to let a few more tears run down her face. I see this hurting the Obamacare even more, so keep up your far left nonsense!


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  1. Amen Brother! good freakin’ grief these people will stop at nothing! I just can’t beleive it. Hussein is totally freaking out about losing this debate on health care and he will not go down without a fight. you know he’s a narcisssist and cannot stand defeat. He was petted and pampered by americans and the media and now that he’s got oppositon, he is flipping out. gosh, he makes me sick! great post here goodtime!

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