New World Order Push by Obama – Back door Health Care for Illegals!

He said it’s essential that the U.S. government update the rules governing financial firms and markets.

“At next week’s G-20 summit, we’ll discuss some of the steps that are required to safeguard our global financial system and close gaps in regulation around the world, gaps that permitted the kinds of reckless risk-taking and irresponsibility that led to the crisis,” he said.

He said another important step for the U.S. is establishment of a consumer protection agency that would be intended to protect people from signing up for mortgages they can’t afford and contracts they can’t understand. Read More

Obama says:ACORN Should Be Investigated

The House has voted to deny all federal funds for the group, while the Senate agreed to shut off housing and community grant money. The Census Bureau has cut ties with ACORN for the 2010 national census amid Republican accusations of voter-registration fraud.

Obama tells ABC’s “This Week” that what he saw on the video “was certainly inappropriate and deserves to be investigated.” He did not say who should investigate. But he also says it’s not a major national issue and it’s not something he’s paying a lot of attention to. Read More

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter pushed for and signed into law the Community Reinvestment Act, which forced banks to lower their standards so that previously unqualified people could get a mortgage!

Then Bill Clinton doubled-down on the same act and greatly lowered mortgage standards further to get even more unqualified borrowers to get more loans!

President Barack Obama, as a lawyer, filed lawsuits against banks for ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) to force banks to give loans to people who (again) could not afford to pay them back! ACORN is a radical activist group. Obama (as a senator) suppressed efforts (again) by Bush and the GOP to investigate and rein in Fannie and Freddie! Why?

Read More

Obama and his Illegals!

Obama Admits He Will Backdoor Illegal Aliens To Health Plan

Yep! Obama and his lefties NOW know the only way they will ever be able to stay in power is with the illegals. Giving a speech before the Congressional Spanish Caucus this Wednesday, Obama told these illegal lovers he plans to use his amnesty program to put some 10 million illegals on our healthcare reform plan.

Given the American Medical College Association just warned this nation a couple of weeks ago about our current physician shortage and how we will have a shortage of some 46,000 primary care physician’s in less than 20 years, GOOD LUCK finding a doctor after Obama loads up our healthcare system with some 10 million illegals and GOOD LUCK with healthcare rationing! U.S. citizenship doesn’t mean sh*t to leftists and they will sell it in a heart beat for their hate-america politics. Read More

North Carolina to enroll illegal immigrants

NC community colleges to enroll illegal immigrants

North Carolina’s community college system voted Friday to admit illegal immigrants at its campuses next year.

About 50 opponents to the change picketed outside the state’s community college offices Thursday while a committee discussed the policy. There were no protesters Friday.

“For our state to be assisting people illegally here to be better trained so that they can possibly take jobs or will take jobs from North Carolinians just seems to be a wrong-headed type of policy,” said Ron Woodard, director of NC LISTEN, a Cary-based group that lobbies for less immigration.

“This action is a slap in the face to legal North Carolina residents that desperately need access to the job training provided by our community colleges during the worst period of unemployment since the Great Depression,” Berger said. Read More

You decide after reading this post if Obama and the Democrats didn’t cause or did cause the financial meltdown! Matter of fact President Bush was kept from doing anything about the meltdown by the Democrats.



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Surround Them - Take Out Country Back

Surround Them - Take Out Country Back


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  2. Obama loads up our healthcare system with some 10 million illegals

    They’ve been using that number for years. There’s a lot more than that I’m guessing.

  3. Not only that rjjrdq but our colleges are enrolling illegal immigrants! No wonder the States are having so much trouble with school cost and welfare. Then Obama turn the water off that valley in Calf which grows 12% of our food, what will happen to food prices…up up they go in price.

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