Nancy Pelosi: Healthcare Protests May Turn Violent


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she worries that angry rhetoric over President Barack Obama’s effort to remake the nation’s health care system could incite violence. Read More

Pelosi do you remember the times you yourself spouting hateful rhetoric against President G.W. Bush? Do you remember the actions of your friends the far left liberal code pink group? Out of the 10’s of thousands of conservatives in Washington D.C. protesting Obama’s policies there was not one person arrested for bad conduct. What are you and Jimmy Carter trying to do, stir up racist between the blacks and whites? Get your head out of the sand!



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2 comments on “Nancy Pelosi: Healthcare Protests May Turn Violent

  1. Good points in there, in my post yesterday, i mentioned about her tearing up. Now bet that was a sight to behold.

  2. I have gotten to the point that when either she or Barack open their mouths, all I hear is the WAH, WAH, WAH of the grown-ups voices in the Peanuts cartoons. I am soooo sick of both of them. Oops, hope I didn’t just incite anyone… 😉

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