Video of Jimmy Carter calls Barack Obama a “black boy”

I guess it takes a racist to know one! Jimmy Carter was out running his mouth again saying that all the people that was protesting against Obama’s policies were racist….check out yourself Jimmy!


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10 comments on “Video of Jimmy Carter calls Barack Obama a “black boy”

  1. Excellent find. I have forwarded this link to Hannity, Beck, & O’reilly. Thank you for linking to my blog on this one. Spiney

  2. LOL Jimmy Carter was never ready and will never be ready to be President. His Presidency would be laughable had it not caused our country so much damage.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Kerry Soileau, I see you’re from Canada. Yes Carter was the worst president ever until Obama came along!

  4. There’s also some very interesting racist background on Jimmy the peanut farmer Carter:

    1. 1960: Carter introduced legislation that was injurious to civil rights & voting rights acts

    2. 1970: Carter describing himself as a redneck played race politics against his opponent – Carl Sanders by mass producing pamphlets of Sanders posing w/black folks. He did this to depress Sanders’s white vote.

    3. 1976: Carter’s church – Plains Baptist Church voted to not allow membership to blacks. Carter did not leave that church.

    4. 1976: Carter endorsed 2 segregationist Senators (Stennis & Eastland)

    5. 1980: Carter called Reagan a racist. This is the same Reagan who housed black athletes in his home when they were turned away from a hotel because color of their skin. This is same Reagan who quit country club because they refused to admit Jews.

    Carter has never given an apology.


    1. Craig Shirley of Politico


  5. Goodtime
    I served in Army during the Nixon & Carter years. And I remember there was a big fight in the barracks between some southern white & black soldiers’ & it was behind Carter. Most of the southern blacks did not like Carter because it was a known fact that Carter did not like blacks. But the southern white soldiers loved him because Carter represented segregation.

    Also, Carter had a habit of calling black men “boy”.

    I can not remember the breakdown on how Carter won the presidency, except that the news media bashed Nixon really bad. So the blacks did not have a real choice on who to vote to. But I can tell you that Carter was not the chosen one for the blacks.

  6. I understand and agree arlenearmy, I think that the black Americans are being used by the democrats again as they were back in Carter’s 4 years as president. Carter also is trying his best to stir up racist which would put our great Nation into a bad situration for the blacks and whites. I have news for Jimmy Carter, we are all Americans where we’re black or white and we shall overcome!

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