Liberal Are Calling Americans That Are Against Obama’s Policies Racist: Video

Note how the nytimes reported this! Spin, Spin and Spin!

Obama woke up on Wednesday to a rapidly intensifying debate about how his race factors into the broader discussion of civility in politics, a question prompted in part by former President Jimmy Carter’s assertion Tuesday that racism was behind a Republican lawmaker’s outburst against Mr. Obama last week as the president addressed a joint session of Congress.

Even before that, several conservatives had accused their liberal counterparts of unfairly tainting them as racists for engaging in legitimate criticism of the White House. Read More

Thanks to the producer of the video below!

I have news for Jimmy Carter, its Obama’s policies that the American people are against. Matter of fact Jimmy if you haven’t forgotten, Obama is as much “white” as he is “black”! The democrats has played the race card from the beginning of the last election. Obama isn’t but he sure has people who do it for him!


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9 comments on “Liberal Are Calling Americans That Are Against Obama’s Policies Racist: Video

  1. I wonder if the building that contains the huge “Hope” mural is privately or government owned. This is so ridiculous on so many levels. I guess the constitution only applies when it benefits Barack supporters, huh? Thanks arlenearmy.

  2. I got family in Houston who called the cops because a drug addict physically abused & kidnapped a mentally ill boy. It took ONE (1) cop over 4 hrs. to show up. The cop took notes & said that there was nothing that he can do. WTF!!

    Yet 7 cops shows up & jumps this man over a Obama-Joker sign. Something is very wrong here.

  3. There’s an ACORN office in Houston. A lot of folks there say that there’s illegal activities going on in that office & that it is known for its scamming money. I wonder if the cops were called to check out Houston ACORN, how many would show up. Would any cop show up?

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