South Carolina Boeing Workers Reject Union


South Carolina was in desperate need of a good headline – and thanks to 200 employees at a Boeing plant in North Charleston, it finally got one.

Workers at a Boeing Co plant in South Carolina voted on Thursday to decertify the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers as their union. Read More

Way to go South Carolina workers, the unions are only out there to take money from you and give it to Obama. I hope that you South Carolina voters will vote Mr. Wilson in 2010 to show the congress and Obama that he was speaking out for you the people. No other congressmen has stood up to Obama. We need more Joe Wilsons in congress!


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2 comments on “South Carolina Boeing Workers Reject Union

  1. Good report. I wonder why this was not in the main stream media?

    BTW, the best think folks can do to support Joe Wilson is to donate to his campaign. I did donate. I also plan to get t-shirt showing such support – “I Stand With Joe Wilson”

  2. Oh, and another thing. Obama told a bunch of lies in this address to congress.

    Did you hear Obama lie about the VA? He said that veterans can keep their same doctors at the VA Hospital. This is a a bald face lie. Since when do veterans keep their same doctors at VA? We have to take what they give us. We don’t even get the right to have a 2nd opinion at the VA before they perform surgeries. In fact, if a vet wants to change doctors, they have to report the VA to a congressman or file complaint w/the civilian medical board if vet discovers that Dr. is a fraud (don’t have license).

    Somebody needs to call Obama on that lie!

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