Overweight mother bled to death after gastric band operation- UK Health Care

Good enough for government work....so we lost one!

Good enough for government work....so we lost one!

A mother told to lose weight to avoid serious health problems died hours after surgery to fit her with a gastric band.Susan Alderson had three litres of blood in her abdomen and had bled to death, a post mortem found.

Experts had advised the 49-year-old to have the band fitted, a procedure which reduces the size of the stomach. Read More

This is another bad example of government ran health care. If Obama gets his health care bill passed the next thing will be the government attacking over weight citizens and taxing them higher than others for insurance. An example is the over weight man  was refused a seat on a plane just last week here in the United States. Some people can not help being over weight because its comes down thru their family lines!


“People are going to die………”