Obama’s Tone Undignified – has the mentality of a 10 year old

Obama’s speech “a “complete disaster”

Sen. Lindsey Graham called President Barack Obama’s address to Congress Wednesday “a “complete disaster” that demonstrates that “the president has lost his cool” on the healthcare reform issue.

Graham, a South Carolina Republican, told National Public Radio that he was incredibly disappointed in the tone of Obama’s speech and, at times, found the president’s tone to be overly combative.

“[I] believe he behaved in a manner beneath the dignity of the office,” Graham said. “I fear his speech tonight has made it more difficult –– not less –– to find common ground.”

Graham said Obama appeared “to be angry at his critics” and “disappointed the American people were not buying the proposals he has been selling.” SOURCE

Obama “You lie!”

Rep. Joe Wilson is known as a mild-mannered congressman fond of making short speeches. His shortest got the most attention.

“You lie!” Wilson blurted out during President Barack Obama’s health care address to a joint session Wednesday night, an outburst that made some supporters shudder even as others believed it could give Wilson a political boost in his conservative hometown.

“He’s the only one who has guts in that whole place. He’ll get re-elected in a landslide,” said John Roper, an insurance agent, as he sat among patrons at a diner near Columbia.

In Wilson’s district, many voters said the heckle wouldn’t affect their support for him. Some said they wished more politicians would speak their minds SOURCE

Obama Speech Dismissive, Angry

Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., was sharply criticized for shouting “You lie!” as Obama claimed his plan would not offer free healthcare to illegal aliens. Was Obama telling the truth?

“With all due respect to the president, he is not and Joe Wilson spoke truth on the floor of the House. . .when he was stating his disagreement with the president and we know from the House bill that we have before us, there is language that says illegal aliens will not receive healthcare,” Bachmann says.

“However, there is no enforcement and no verification. So an illegal alien can say I want free healthcare for me and for my family. No one asks are you a legal citizen? No one asks will you show me your documentation that you’re a legal citizen, which means 17 million potentially illegal aliens that are in the United States would have the ability to receive taxpayer-funded healthcare. SOURCE

Obama is “slow” he has the mentality of a 10 year old. To prove my point, he has lied to the American people from the start of his campaign and still lying, then when people disagrees with him on his healthcare issue he calls then liars and when someone calls him on it by saying that he is the liar he gets upset. Thats just one way to act like a kid of 10. Remember Obama couldn’t wait to get a presidential elect seal, yes something a 10-year-old would want asap. There is so many ways that he shows the mentality of a 10 year old that I will not go to the trouble of posting them all.


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5 comments on “Obama’s Tone Undignified – has the mentality of a 10 year old

  1. Yes and Obama asked for it when he started calling everyone that disagreed with his healthcare plan liers! I think more lawmakers should stand up against Obama.

  2. He got angry because he wanted the typical leftist venue of no debate , no questioning, and no talk back from his subjects.

    He says there’s no death panels, but death by bureaucrat care denial is there.

    He says there’s no additional spending, but its there according to non-partisan CBO.

    He says there’s no one will lose their current health care because of his public option but they will when it drains the private market with unfairly priced government competition.

    And he says no illegal immigrants will be covered, but there’s no verification to stop that from happening.

    Is there specific language saying any of these are allowed? No.

    But only an irrational person will say you are telling the truth when you can see the practical outcome is exactly the opposite.

    That is why Obama was called a Liar.

  3. I hear Joe Wilson has raised over $700,000 in the last couple of days. Might be worth kicking a few bucks his way. That outburst was worth a least a five spot.

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