Arrest Warrants Issued For 11 ACORN Workers

Arrest warrants have been issued in Miami for 11 people suspected of falsifying information on hundreds of voter registration cards.

Florida state attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle said 11 workers hired to register voters by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — or ACORN — submitted 888 fraudulent names. She said the names included people who were already registered voters, fictitious names, and the name of the late actor Paul Newman, who died in Sept. 2008. Read More

So just how many fraudulent names were submitted across America if 888 were submitted just in Florida and we’re not sure that there aren’t more! Obama is still giving Acorn our tax money when people are losing jobs and homes! Obama is as guilty as Acorn! For these workers to be submitting fraudulent names all across America someone higher up had to be directing the workers on how to!