Islamists Plotted to Kill Hillary Clinton


A radical Islamic sect based in Somalia and linked to al-Qaida and based in Somalia plotted to kill US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her trip to Africa last month, according to The Australian newspaper.

The plot was to be carried out through a planned series of bomb attacks set to take place in Nairobi, the capital of neighboring Kenya, while Clinton was there – one in the hotel where she was staying. The plot was foiled at the last minute, media reports, citing senior security officials, said. Read More

There are still Islamists trying to kill Americans and Obama has made the statement that the war against Islamic radicals is over. Obama has made Americans less safe in the stort time he’s been the president.



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  1. And yet the a-hole in chief believes that you can reach out to these scum and they will reciprocate with like kindness. They will reciprocate alright but with an IED or a knife in your back. They have proven that time and time again. Any time that Israel has given back to the Palestinians they in turn become emboldened and launch a barrage of rockets into Israel.
    Bob A.

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