Barack Obama’s speech to school kids draws fire


The President’s speech to school children, for many it’s the first day, draws the ire from right and no big deal from left.

What concerns the folks on the right with an hour-long speech to their kids is the fact the President continues to insist that he will have a “Civilian National Security Force” as big and well-funded as the U.S. military.

What for? Who will be a part of this civilian army? Who will train this force? All questions have gone unanswered by the President.

You’re crazy, the President has better things to do than get some civilian army together. Really? This year HR1388, ‘Give Act’ was given billions of dollars to expand the National Service Corporation. And here I thought volunteers worked for free.

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Obama took over our banks, GMC, working to take over our health care and yes now already starting to take over our children by brainwashing them in our schools. Socialist at work big time and it has to be stopped, keep your children home the day of Obama’s speech!


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5 comments on “Barack Obama’s speech to school kids draws fire

  1. What Obama & some schools need to realize is that these kids have parents. If the parents have problem w/Obama speaking to their kids, then Obama needs to back off.

    As of today, this is NOT a communist country. What’s next? Our government yanking kids out of their homes.

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  3. I agree arlenearmy, we parents don’t want government brainwashing our children as Obama was planning on doing. We teach our children and don’t want Obama messing around in our family life.
    Using children for political reasons is totally wrong. Next will be Obama’s civilian army using our children which he says will have the same equipment as our military service has. Wonder what he will use that civilian army to do? He already has a army of ACORN people!

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