Obama and Holder ‘At War’ with CIA Counter Terrorism Expert


In the early days and weeks after September 11, 2001, a small cadre of men (and a few women) with vast amounts of intelligence experience reported to the Langley, Virginia headquarters of the CIA. These unsung heroes were then dispatched across the globe to run operations against the Al-Qaeda conspirators who leveled the World Trade Center and struck the nerve center of the US military.

Where was Eric Holder?Before leaving President Clinton’s employ, he orchestrated the pardons of several Puerto Rican separatist terrorists. Then in 2003, as a partner in the Washington law firm of Covington & Burling, Mr Holder’s client, Chiquita Brands, admitted paying to support terrorist death squads in Colombia and paid a $25 million fine. During the time that my friends worked to disrupt and destroy terrorist networks threatening America, Holder’s firm represented — for free — 16 terrorist detainees held at Guantanamo.

Has he made any personal or professional sacrifices since his country was attacked in 2001? If he has, it is difficult to find them.Read More

You really need to go read the whole story at the source to get a complete understanding of whats going on with these two Holder and Obama. We Americans will never forget the 911 terrorist attack even if our so called president and Holder does. The CIA paid a price to keep us safe after the attack and now its being attack by the Obama administration.


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  1. Yes and Eric Holder saying that we are a nation of cowards makes him sound like a terrorist himself to this American! Thanks for the visit Opus #6

  2. I’m sure of one thing rjjrdq, Obama and Holder both have actions that makes them look anti-American!

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