Ted Kennedy, Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, Ted Kennedy could count on his daily dose of veneration. The right wing hated the Massachusetts Democrat, but progressives honored him as a defender of old-school liberalism.

In a remarkable turnaround, liberals are now heaping scorn on the 73-year-old senator. Young audiences boo at his name, and the leftish “Daily Show” on Comedy Central makes fun of him.

The source of unhappiness is Kennedy’s efforts to kill an offshore wind farm on Nantucket Sound. Cape Wind was to be the first such project in the United States and a source of pride to environmentally-minded New Englanders. Polls show 84 percent of Massachusetts residents in favor.

Cape Wind remains in limbo. It’s been frustrated at every turn by a handful of yachtsmen, Kennedy included, who don’t want to see windmills from their verandas. Many millions have been spent spreading disinformation and smearing the wind farm’s supporters.Read More

Ted Kennedy supported wind power, but not in Nantucket Sound he didn’t want to see windmills from his verandas but it was ok with him to install windmills in other people front yard. The same with Healthcare, Ted supports Obama’s healthcare take over, but then when he needed cancer treatment he went for the best there was to offer no matter what the cost. He must of not care what the American people wanted and was willing to back Obama’s statement to take a pain pill and die.

Liberals be warn that you might support Obamacare now, but when you need medical treatment and you’re told that it would cost to much to keep you alive then you will wish you had not support Obamacare.  Yes it will be to late when you stand next to a love one with cancer and have to tell them they can’t have the treatment they need to live a few more months or years because it cost to much and that you supported the bill. 


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  1. In the fat drunk murders defense he did dump diesel fuel from his yacht into the bay. Don’t know if I can find the link and story again. He was so concerned about the environment. What a F@#k&ng joke he is as someone to be revered. Lyin of the senate.

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