Obama’s Sleazy Witch Hunt On CIA Interrogations

The only thing that’s different is Obama’s political position. He has offended his base by wavering  on the “public option,” and now he suddenly finds himself compelled, purely coincidentally, to reverse course on CIA interrogation methods in a way that just happens to appease his bitter, petty base with a vindictive witch hunt.

The random, fluke coincidences just never stop with the “post-partisan” candidate for “change.”

Never mind the fact that this sleazy partisan maneuvering is dangerously compromising national defense…or that Americans oppose this partisan charade by a 13-point margin.

Could it really be that Democrats are using the Justice Department for political purposes? Read More

Wait until the 2012 elections and we shall see more of these sleazy moves by Obama and his crooks. If we the American people allow Obama to keep tearing down America the way he has his first 7 months, then our Great Country will be no more. Stand up and lets fight back with all we have left, let your voice be heard. Soon we will lose that voice if Obama has his way!


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3 comments on “Obama’s Sleazy Witch Hunt On CIA Interrogations

  1. The CIA is vital (internationally) to the security to this nation. And Obama is working real hard to dismantle it.

    Folks, this man is not our friend. Look at what he’s doing. Its like he wants to put up in harms way. I think Obama is partial to the Arab (middle eastern countries). He sure sucks up to them a lot.

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