Deadbeat Parents breaking Welfare, Medicare and Healthcare

Just today our local newspaper had an article about deadbeat parents owing over  $427,000 in child support.  This is a small community so I can see a city like New York with deadbeat parents not paying their child support would be a bankrupter of Welfare, Medicare and Healthcare.  Think about it people, what if we somehow could force these deadbeats to pay their own way what it would save the hard working taxpayers!  If a small community has deadbeats failing to pay their child support at the tone of $427,000 what amount that would be for the whole United States! 

These deadbeats is what the democrats and Obama’s socialist healthcare plan wants us the middle class taxpayers to pay for!  So  should we stand up and fight back?  I say yes we should fight back with everything we have left!  Say no to the Obama socialist policies!


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10 comments on “Deadbeat Parents breaking Welfare, Medicare and Healthcare

  1. I have to disagree with you on this one GTP.

    Having seen on way too many occasions where the family Courts, or equivalent, award outrageous sums as “child support.” Often those awards are more than the persons after tax income. Moreover, the courts are often used as tools of revenge and mysandry. All of that, is an example of how Political Correctness has infected our society.

  2. Thats a reasonable disagreement! But we need to clean up the wasted from the three, welfare, medicare and healthcare. I think that we should provide for ourselves in life and not expect others to give us everything. Saying that, if a man and women plays around and has a baby then they should be forced to provide for that baby! Would you agree on that? For example if I buy a car, you the taxpayer should not be made to pay for its repairs should you?

  3. I hear you Patrick. I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum though; the guy working 2 jobs to pay child support, and the guy who pays nothing at all, because there just aren’t enough resources to go after him. If Obama wants to overhaul something, he can maybe start here.

  4. Plus don’t forget the Mother of the babies should be held responsable along with the Father! I know of a few women that has 4 or 5 kids and getting child support from each of the fathers plus welfare…this is not right and welfare and the healthcare system will go bankrupt because of these milk the government types! Now what can be done to stop it? Thats a big question that if answer could save billions in taxes!

  5. I just recivied a notice in the mail saying:
    As of January 1st, Medicare has made changes that effect you and your personal healthcare expensives. Medicare never intended to pay for your entire Doctor, Hospital, Nursing Home & Prescription Drug expenses. Medicare change mean that you must pay even more towards your own Healthcare.

    I didn’t sign up for medicare when I put in for my Social Security retirement and kept my private insurance which pays 100% of my healthcare. So this does not effect me and therefore I say to Obama, Keep your fingers out of my life and healthcare insurance. Government has not done a very good job of running, medicare, wel-fare or Social Security. The government has taken money from the Social Security pot of money for all kinds of projects and never does replace it, no wonder its going broke.

    The healthcare system needs some repair but not junk out and a totally new system install that is ran by the government.

  6. GTP; I never said, or intimated that people that make babies shouldn’t take care of them. However, when I see all too often child support awards that are more than the persons income that is just plain wrong. When I see that used as a weapon by the custodial parent as a revenge tactic that is just plain wrong. When I see what I call “professional mothers” having baby after baby just to collect child support, and the courts being used to enforce that, it is just plain wrong. Not to mention that those same “mothers” nearly always make an accusation of domestic violence so the father then has the privilege of making support payments but never gets to see the child again. That via a trumped up conviction, or simply through a restraining order.
    These are the norm GTP, not unusual situations, and I have seen them happen year after year, from California to Colorado, and have heard of virtually the same things from all across the nation. While I always told my kids to never forget that actions have consequences it still does not make using the power of government a tool for revenge or sustenance a good thing.

    I hope that the obamanites allow you to keep your private insurance.

  7. Patrick Sperry: I see what I call “professional mothers” having baby after baby just to collect child support, and the courts being used to enforce that, it is just plain wrong.

    Goodtimepolitics: We can agree to disagree on this subject because no one will agree with you or I on all issues. 🙂
    The way I look at this is that it takes the women and the man to make the baby so therefore both should be held responiable for their actions. I feel both the man and women should pay the price to support their kid and not you and I paying their way.

  8. I really a democrat, but I haven’t voted a democrat ticket for at least 2 elections because they have moved to far left of center and large government. I think I’m more center and if that what Libertarians are then maybe!

    Wait a minute, I did vote for Clinton in the primaries and then McCain for president. I didn’t like McCain, but…..Obama was a worst pick! LOL

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