Cars Have High Nicotine Levels “Holy Cow What Next?”


While scientists have tested secondhand smoke exposure in automobiles before, Navas-Acien noted in an interview, they had only done so in the lab. “We wanted to evaluate what those levels could be under … normal, real-world driving conditions,” she said.

“This is because the car is a very small place,” Navas-Acien noted. The results, she and her colleagues conclude in the journal Tobacco Control, “support the need for education measures and legislation that regulate smoking in motor vehicles when passengers, especially children, are present.” Read More

Freedom is taken a little here and  a  little their until we shall have no freedom! Areas set aside for smokers,  no smoking in government buildings, then no Smoking in Restaurants and now look at this study where smoking in your own private car will be banned.  The government needs to keep their corrupt dirty hands out of Americans every day life.   

Time to wake up people,  stand together to stop our country from being a socialist jail where we can do nothing without government permission.   How many of you want the government to rule everything you do?   Well to be honest with our self thats what Obama and the Democrats want.  Yes a socialist Country! 


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  1. What a government huh! Obama remind me of a spoiled kid that gets upset at the cash regester and rolls around on floor bellowing when mommy tells him he can’t have the candy bar.

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