UK, the Carbon Trust attempting to influence the democratic debate in the U.S.

Despite growing pressure for public spending cuts in the UK, the Carbon Trust is expanding its empire to establish a presence in the U.S. and China.
The Daily Mail has learned that the organisation, which received almost £100million in taxpayer funding last year, is trying to recruit a Head of Carbon Trust U.S.A.

Critics expressed astonishment that the trust was attempting to influence the democratic debate in the U.S.

Iain Murray, an energy expert at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a U.S. think-tank, said: ‘ Americans are extremely sceptical about the cost to America of emissions reduction. I suspect they will be even more annoyed if their representatives listen to the British Government rather than to them. Read More

Interesting why the democrats would allow themselves to be influence by the UK….What is going on here America?


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Obama "I fooled the American people"

Obama "I fooled the American people"


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  1. I’ve met Barney Frank and have co-workers that work for him that fill me in on what his plans are and what he thinks. DON’T let him do what he wants to do because he thinks government is the answer to everything and a government official deserves special privaleges and consideration in all matters. He hasn’t had a problem with employing people of similar sexual preference on the government dole despite others that might have wanted the job. He’s very intelligent and tenacious about what he believes. I know he was extremely disappointed when Hillary lost the primary because he had been promised a prominent cabinet position in her Administration and he is fighting to earn a similar position in Obama’s administration… but he has to earn it despite what is best for the country.

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