1,200 Veterans Falsely Told by VA They had Fatal Disease

Public Option

Public Option

At least 1,200 veterans across the country have been mistakenly told by the Veterans Administration that they suffer from a fatal neurological disease.

Calls to the VA were not immediately returned Monday. Read More

Good example of how a government ran health care would work!


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8 comments on “1,200 Veterans Falsely Told by VA They had Fatal Disease

  1. All from the brain trust that wants socialized health care!!! Brilliant, just brilliant. I am surprised that with all the paperwork required by the VA that this got out so soon, should have taken another 10 years of red tape!!

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  4. When I was in the Army, several soldiers went to Canada. They went AWOL & were dodging the war. After the Vietnam War, they stayed there until US granted them a pardon. Considering the news about the bad Canadian healthcare, I now wonder if they were denied health care.

  5. In Texas many year ago, I knew of a bad situation of a veteran who was scheduled for a knee operation. The VA gave him blood that was infested w/aids. That veteran died shortly thereafter.

    I am a believer in tort reform, but that does not mean that I believe Doctors should not be sued. The VA at this time does not allow the veterans to sue for malpractice. Vets cant even get a 2nd medical opinion.

  6. Thank you for serving arlenearmy. As far as doctors being sued, I agree, some doctors deserve to be sued. But without some kind of cap on damages, malpractice insurance becomes very expensive for the majority of doctors, including good doctors. The VA…they’re a debate in and of themselves.

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