Problem: We Elect The Dumbest People On Earth As Leaders


Back in 1978 the top of the line Chev 3/4 ton truck cost $7500 and today that price has skyrocket out of the range of most Americans to afford. Price of food and other needed products has also skyrocket.  

As long as we have Unions forcing companies into raising wages and benefits at a record pace this trend will continue and prices will keep going higher.  The same goes for health care. 

The Government can not and I repeat can not provide health care any cheaper than the prices we’re paying now without cutting the treatments that people need.  With all the red tape that government  creates we will most likely be paying higher prices.  These hospitals has many employees and they have to be paid, equipment cost and doctors has to be paid no matter if the government run them.  The government can not manage very good, just look at civil service workers, they have 5 workers doing the job of one worker. I know because I worked civil service. Look at wel-fare and medicare which could be ran much better. 

The government needs to keep hands off of prices by letting banks or companies that over charge or unwisely loans money to people that can not pay it back to go bankrupt. People are buying expensive big houses that they don’t need, 5 & 6 bedrooms when there are only 4 persons in the family and they need to start living within their means.  This way the  American people will be setting the prices by buying from companies that have reasonable prices or services and therefore putting the ones that over charge out of business.  You can call three different auto parts stores and get three different prices for the same part you need.  Same with insurance companies they all have different prices.

The ones that are bankrupting America is no other than the UNIONS and they have to be stopped from forcing higher wages and big benefits onto the companies.  As long as they force these big benefits the more the cost of products and food will skyrocket and will have more unemployment. Why should a company be force to baby-sit a worker’s kids!

Now for welfare, the only ones that should be allow checks and food stamps is the ones that are elder and unable to work, these people that has many kids and still having them don’t want to work because they are getting more freebies than they would if they had a job and therefore should be made to find a job even if its for low wages.  Just ride by the welfare building where you’re at and look at all the expensive cars in the parking lot.

None of the above will ever happen as long as we elect the dumbest of the dumb to run our Great Country! 

Sorry if  I overturned a few lazy people’s apple cart!

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One comment on “Problem: We Elect The Dumbest People On Earth As Leaders

  1. Correct-a-mongo! Last year I read about one ‘lady’ in Florida that was getting $40,000 a year in welfare because of the multitude of children she was having.
    Those in power have no desire to change things. As long as they can keep folks dependent on them, they know they’ll keep those votes. Check out on my page where I listed some of the career politicians and the length of their so called “service” to the American people. It’s all about staying in power and being in control.

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