Holy smokes. Grab the fire hose. Here we go again!


Holy smokes. Grab the fire hose. Somebody notify Al Gore and maybe Ralph Nader. Candle-lit dinners — with the flickering flames, those delicate glows — are an unrecognized source of indoor air pollution. Really. The American Chemical Society announced Wednesday that “emission products of petroleum-based candles in nonventilated enclosed areas” are potential health hazards. Paraffin wax candles produce evocative ambience — and known human carcinogens, too. Read More

I said it before and I will say it again, if we allow the government to take away one freedom it will take another one and another one until we have no freedom left! When will the people of America say enough is enough?  In Obama’s health care bill he wants government to have the say so on what we eat, its all coming down the Obama pipeline. 


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  1. I have tried to tell Mrs THT that candlelight dinners were dangerous and she just would not listen


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