Birth on pavement ‘after being refused ambulance’


A young mother gave birth on a pavement outside a hospital after she was told to make her own way there.

Mother-of-three Carmen Blake called her midwife to ask for an ambulance when she went into labour unexpectedly with her fourth child.

But the 27-year-old claims she was refused an ambulance and told to walk the 100m from her house in Leicester to the city’s nearby Royal Infirmary. Read more


America is this the kind of health care that we need? Obama’s government ran health care will be just as bad if not worst than the government ran health care in the UK where this sort ( refused an ambulance ) of treatment happens on a daily basis from what we have heard from over across the pond.


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Take a pill and start walking

Take a pill and start walking


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  1. When you have 80% of the American public happy with health care, all this push is about is a power grab, and ideological! Time to go back to Uncle Alinskys class P-bama

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