2,000 Guns Confiscated Under Seizure Law

Police in Connecticut say they’ve now seized more than 2,000 firearms under a 1999 law that allows authorities to confiscate guns from people they suspect might harm themselves or others. Read More


Gun-Rights Groups Join Obama Protests

Gun-rights advocates are displaying their firearms near the president again, this time with a military-style rifle slung over one man’s shoulder in downtown Phoenix. Click to Keep Reading

Americans better stand together or all our rights will be taken away. I don’t see any different in people having guns outside a town hall meeting, then it was for the Black Panthers having night sticks outside an election poll site. Obama had the charges drop on the Black Panthers and a conservative healthcare protester was gang attack at a town hall meeting so maybe protesters need protection. Are we sure that these people caring guns aren’t Obama plants among the protesters?


(1) Do you trust Obama’s slum lords?


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