Fox News Surges in Ratings Thanks to Obama & Democrats


South Carolina Republican Bob Inglis, frustrated by a restive crowd at a recent forum to discuss health care reform, suggested people turn off the TV when Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck came on.

Big mistake.

Judging by the escalating boos and catcalls, squirting lighter fluid on burning coals would have been wiser. Beck is a hero to many people who are not buying the Age of Obama, and so is Fox. The network was already on pace for its best ratings year even before the health care debate sent viewership jumping during a traditionally slow month for news. Read More

The Liberal Democrats are a laugh because they can not say anything without name calling (thinking back to President Bush and names he was called) The democrats has a leader thats still wet behind the ears and a far left socialist. Obama’s own actions shows that he is racist, anyone with eyes can see that much.