Here Goes Freedom of Speech (Conservatives, if the Radical Liberals want a fight we have to give it to them!)

The FCC’s new chief diversity officer laid out a battle plan two years ago for liberal activists to target conservative talk radio stations, and critics say they are concerned that he now will want to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine.”

Mark Lloyd, who was named the associate general counsel and chief diversity officer at the Federal Communications Commission last month, is under attack for authoring a June 2007 report entitled “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio” and a subsequent essay, “Forget the Fairness Doctrine.”

Adopted in 1949, the Fairness Doctrine held that broadcasters were obligated to provide opposing points of views on controversial issues of national importance. The policy was halted under the Reagan administration

Lloyd insists he does not support reinstatement of the doctrine, but critics suspect he has a hidden agenda to curtail conservative talk radio. They say Lloyd is the wrong person for his new post.

“What he lays out is a battle plan to use the FCC to threaten stations’ licenses with whom they do not agree with politically, and now he’s at the FCC waiting to take their calls,” Motley told “This is not about serving the local interest, it’s about political opposition.”
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If the radical Liberals try and stop free speech of Conservative Talk Radio then we conservatives will have to fight back to protect freedom of speech. I hear that tv advertisers are deserting Glenn Beck, not sure thats is happening but if it is then the attack by the Liberals has started so we Conservatives need to come together and boycott all products that deserts Glenn Beck or any other Conservative Talk Radio Host! Come on Conservatives, if the Radical Liberal want a fight we have to give it to them!



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  1. I’m of a mind that these things, and others, will get passed without people noticing. While we all concentrate on obamacare, fcc control gun control, amnesty and so on will just slip into law unnoticed…

  2. I think Boycotting Glenn Beck by the advertisers will get alot of notice and those companies will be boycott by the conservatives that follow him which is MANY!

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