Who Is Advising Obama on Health Care? Roxana Mayer Dr. or Not Dr.?

I’m really going to have to change my thinking around on this health care bill. Now, all of a sudden, reputable doctors are showing up at town halls and, like, totally showing their support for Obama-care!

That was, like, so awesome.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, finally speaking with a town haller without that pesky cell phone interrupting. And I loved how Lee was so spontaneous — give Sheila a little love!

What a great, unscripted, pure moment; Lee connecting with regular, working people. That’s what town halls are all about. Not this conjured-up, hired activist, GOP, fake angry yelling — what did they call it again? “Astroturf,” that’s it.

You know, I was so moved by the concern of this physician, I thought: Hey, I’ll recommend her to my friends in Texas!

But boy, is she tough to find — very tough to find. It’s probably because she is not a doctor. Nope, not listed in the Texas Medical Board. She made it all up. And Sheila gave her a big ole spontaneous hug! What are the odds?

Anyway, since Roxana is not as busy as a doctor (because she’s not one), I wonder what she does in her free time?

Oh, did I mention she’s not just some nutty campaigner, she’s a Texas Obama delegate?

Initially she was identified in The Houston Chronicle as a physician — when all of a sudden the “Dr.” part of her name disappeared:
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Glenn Beck has it right and is telling it the way it is. Obama does not like it when the truth is told and the American people can see for a fact that Obama is one big lier among the democrats! Glenn Beck’s ratings are sky rocketing because he pulls no punches and reports the truth.


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  1. See where Beck’s tv advertisers are deserting him- something about controversy. Some Democrat adviser named Ken Sunshine is sort of orchestrating a campaign to get rid of Beck.

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