List of Healthcare Town Hall Meetings Nationwide


Here is a list of Healthcare Town Hall Meetings Nationwide, find one or more in your area and let your voice be heard! Town Hall Meeting list here Click: LIST




(1) “You Can Bet Our Astro-Turf…” San Francisco Tea Party Against Health Care (video)

(2) Runnin’ Scared: Democrats Not Handling ObamaCare Town Hall Protests Well… Some Hiding Out from Voters (video)

(3) San Francisco’s Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer Refuse to Host ObamaCare Town Hall Meetings… Citizens Will Hold Their Own Mock Town Hall Meeting and Candle Vigil (UPDATE: Boxer’s Book Tour)

(4) Obama Is Watching You… Don’t You DARE Forget That ‘He Won’

(5) New Vlog: Geller at “Atlas Shrugs” Takes on the Thugocracy of ObamaCare (video)

(6) Say “No” to ObamaCare: Protests Growing Against ObamaCare… More Town Hall Meeting and Tea Party Protests