Brazil is about to get $10 billion from U.S. taxpayers for drilling its offshore rich oil fields

The Socialist Pair

The Socialist Pair

Why must we go so far and spend so much taxpayer money to drill oil when we could unleash our private sector to do it here for free ?

Eximbank officials are serving America’s interests by developing Brazil. But our Congress, which refuses to encourage offshore drilling, and our Interior Department, which is pulling permits for inland development, are not.

At the center of it is energy security. If lending money to Brazil for oil is a good idea, isn’t freeing our own companies to develop America’s vast reserves an even better one? Read More

And now remember this from back in June of 2008?

More Drilling Extends National Addiction to Oil; Will Not Save Americans Money at the PumpWASHINGTON (June 26, 2008) — Senate Republican leadership today introduced a bill that would expand off-shore oil drilling and open areas that are now off-limits in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming to oil development. The bill, the Gas Price Reduction Act of 2008, stands in stark contrast with forward-looking legislation the House is considering, which would protect consumers from rising gas prices and expands transportation choices. Opening up America’s coastlines and valuable wilderness areas to oil and gas drilling is a shortsighted response that would not reduce prices at the pump and take the country in the wrong direction, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).

“We need to break our addition to oil — an addiction that only benefits the pusher — the oil companies. This latest move by some in Congress is just another sign of the overwhelming greed of the oil companies. Not only are they making record profits, they are getting more than $30 billion in tax breaks. Now they want the federal government to give them our treasured public lands and beaches, even though they aren’t drilling on all the leases they currently own. How much more do the oil companies expect American taxpayers to bankroll their profits?

“Our oil addiction hurts our economy, our environment, and our national security. Instead of focusing on the backward policies featured in today’s Senate bill, it is time to move forward with American ingenuity and technology to cut our dependence on oil, save money at the gas pump, and curb global warming.” Read More

I don’t see how 10 billion to help Brazil drill for its offshore oil will help curb global warming so how about explaining why its ok to spend taxpayer money for Brazil to drill offshore but not for America? Can you answer that question Democrats?


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  1. Right and they want to do cap and tax and all those other hairbrained schemes to get our money and the usurper is just making it worse (not really but how can he do this and still be man hugging Gore?) Doggoneit!

  2. Obama is anti-America is what I think wrong with him Warrant One Girl. Just look at all his actions since taken over the White House…cut defense, Gitmo terrorist to American, was easy on the shoe-bomber, taking over GM, our banks and now trying to take over one of the most important thing americans has…yes Healthcare. Oh and don’t forget his leader was Jeremiah Wright the anti-America pastor, Obama was led by Wright for 20 years!

  3. Amen Brother, we have to focus on so many assaults at one time. Good grief it is totally disgusting. We must stick together and figure out how to battle ACORN screwing America even further with the 2010 census.

  4. We’re animal lovers in this household so the more babies the better Warrant One Girl. The picure is of”Mindie”, I have another boxer called “Dixie The Rebel”

    Hey and it didn’t take me as long as it did Obama to find the right dog for my family! 🙂

  5. Goodtimepolitics said:
    Hey and it didn’t take me as long as it did Obama to find the right dog for my family!
    GTP, check out my Tickle Tickle page, I’ve got a video about the Obama’s selection of their dog-Poor dog…

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