Obama Plans To Track Govt. Website Visitors

Days after directing Americans to report “fishy” speech opposing his controversial health care policies, President Obama plans to reverse a longtime federal policy banning the use of web technologies to track and compile personal information that can easily be utilized to invade privacy.

A 9-year-old policy forbids the U.S. government from implementing methods on federal internet sites that track an internet user’s every click, often identify the person and even build a database of each user’s viewing habits. This poses a serious threat to Americans’ personal information, according to the Obama cheerleading squad better known as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Read More

All I can say is when Obama is removed from the White House by the American voters and we have another president the country will have alot of investigations of Obama and his crimes.


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Obama wants to control the American people

Obama wants to control the American people


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