A Video Obama Doesn’t Want Americans To See (ACORN and local police)

Footage of ACORN and local police preventing participants outside a health care townhall meeting from speaking with each other, under threat of law


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4 comments on “A Video Obama Doesn’t Want Americans To See (ACORN and local police)

  1. Holy Crap! I’ve been a cop for over 33 years and this video is astounding! Did I see that the officer prohibiting citizens from TALKING was a lieutenant? Wow! Cop 101: keep the peace while protecting civil rights. This guy made it all the way to lieutenant? Any rookie would know better. Did you see the body language of the red-shirted Acorn people? They actually tried to intimidate an elderly woman from walking amonsgt them and the police officer warned her? He was taking his cues from them? I’m going to be brutally honest here. This looked like a more subdued re-enactment of the Bull Conner situation in reverse without violence and as a police officer I have to say that this in no way represents 99.9% of police officers, black, white, yellow, red or brown and almost all police officers will feel extremely uncomfortable seeing this video, I assure you. The woman that stated “if you don’t do what the police officer says it’s “resisting” is obvious a dummy. If the police officer told you to drop your drawers and moon the crowd would it be resisting to refuse? Of course not. It must be a lawful order, lawful request, the person must be in a position to and capable of completing the request, etc. That’s why they train us. Eeee Gads! In my state what I saw from the police officer and the dummy was a violation of civil rights under color of law… a felony. Unless there’s a specific statute in Texas that states it is unlawful for citizens to “talk” to members of Acorn or any citizen with an opposing view on health care then I would say that the players in this video will either have problems explaining why they acted in such a manner to their superiors or lawsuits for civil rights violations. Hey lieutenant! Thanks for embarassing the hundreds of thousands of us that do the right thing day in and day out and put our lives on the line to protect everybody’s rights and liberties! Thanks for disgracing the tens of thousands of minority police officers that wouldn’t, in a thousand years, take orders from that red-shirted intimidator ordering you around! That’s nice! They have to put up will all kinds of crap on a daily basis and now bigots all over the world can point to this video and lump them into some type of category or question their motives on every decision they have to make! I’m so pissed off over this video it make me sick.

  2. Where did this happen? I want to contact the police chief, mayor, State Representatives, Fox News, Mark Levin’s legal foundation, etc.

  3. I feel compelled to respond to this video as a police officer that has done the job since 1976. That’s not an accurate representation of what almost all police officers would have done. I have spoken with other officers that have viewed this video and they are in agreement. Please don’t tag us all with being government thugs because we’re not, we would die to protect your liberties if we had to, and we, of all people understand civil liberties and how important it is to protect them. I especially would warn anyone that has an idea that minority police officers put race above anything else that they are so wrong. MOST police officers, black, white, hispanic, male, female, etc… are so far beyond that crap that this video seems like an anomoly to most of us. We depend on each other to survive, watch out for each other, are honest, loyal to each other, watch out for each other’s families and children, and would never take orders from a thug of any sort at any public function. First of all… we know the law. Secondly we know our responsibilities. Finally minority officers, male and female, must wear an albatross around their necks every day because of the stigma of affirmative action and what it might imply as to their abilities and other police officers are aware of that and are sick and tired of people doing that to them. Of course this video doesn’t help one iota. Please don’t judge them in any way by this one video. It seems like no matter what they do, they can’t win for losing. Minority officers are the best and brightest, are professional, and will do the right thing regardless of their ethnicity or race. Don’t make snap judgments from this video, I beg you.

  4. Thanks Dave B for your comment and I agree with you! But then there is a few bad police white and black as this video shows! Obama is using any means he can for his cause and not setting a very good example now is he?

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