The Democratic Party is panicking


The Democratic Party is panicking, lashing out like a cornered animal, all because its effort to take over the health care industry is coming apart like so much wet toilet paper.

Nancy Pelosi, who will get her own bound volume in the annals of asininity, has outdone herself….Click to keep reading at the Source

The American people has awaken to Obama and the Democrats socialist policies, taken over of the private companies, big banks, health care and our freedom. I say we need to keep a list of the congressmen that vote for these bills and vote them out of Washinton 2010 election. The congressmen is suppose to be working for the people, not for Obama!


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2 comments on “The Democratic Party is panicking

  1. I think both sides have taken essentially the same tactics. Labeling each other with invectives, giving their supporters a ‘playbook’, and attempting to use the media to their advantage. All of this is okay. It is okay because in America we have the right to freedom of speech, assembly and freedom of the press. These are rights that thousands have given their lives to protect.

    The debate on health care which consumes nearly a fifth of the national economy and involves everyone is something that we should openly debate and understand the intended and unintended consequences of before we change an entire system.

    It is important to provide better access, bend the cost curve so that health care is affordable (and not just through shifting costs by taxing), and improving the quality of the care delivered.

    We are a country that leads the world in health care innovation. We have to zealously protect that aspect. No other country in the world is positioned to take our place if we take our eye off this important work.

    Follow many aspects of the health care debate and information about health care delivery at

  2. It would have been so simple. The government addresses health care reform and ACTUALLY ADDRESSES WHAT NEEDS REFORMING! How do they not address tort reform? It’s like a community addressing the problem of a pedophile coach that has molested some kids by making rules that all kids on the team will have equal playing time. I’ll make a deal with my congressman. YOU fight for tort reform and I’ll support health care reform. If you don’t then you’re full of sh.t like all the rest of them including the President of the United States. I’ll know that health reform is not really what your agenda is and I’ll know you’re nothing but bought and paid for politicians.

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