Obama Speech Police Shutdown Top You Tube Videos (Watch Video)

Need to listen to the end of this video Obama putting YouTube and Google on legal notice that a lawsuit is coming their way!



(1) Watch Obama during Ramadan


4 comments on “Obama Speech Police Shutdown Top You Tube Videos (Watch Video)

  1. In 1976 I was a student at a liberal university in Massachusetts and a black professor taught a class on racism and colonization. He taught us that a colonialized, oppressed people will take on the traits of their oppressors twice fold. He told us that the worst oppressors would be those exact people that were oppressed. I questioned this particular point, but I don’t any more. I am seeing videos of “soldiers” for Obama trying to intimidate citizens and this is just another example of what that brilliant man taught back in the 70’s. Those exact groups that were oppressed for decades, whose free speech was earned with the blood of brave Americans, black and white, are now trying to stifle free speech with which they disagree. It’s like the molested child molesting his own children. What the hell are you doing?

  2. I heard about Youtube shutting down one of Alex’s channels. I think Alex got a lawyer to get that video back online.

    I wonder if DailyMotion will be a formidable competitor.

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