North Carolina congressman Gets Death Threat Over Healthcare Reform

Democratic Rep. Brad Miller told multiple media outlets that the caller told a staff member that the congressman could lose his life because he supports President Barack Obama’s health care proposals.

The U.S. Capitol Police confirmed Friday they were looking into a threat against a congressman, but wouldn’t provide details. Read More

The American people are sick of the government taking over everything in the Country so we could see much more of this before our great nation gets back to caring for the people and less government! Say NO to Government Ran Health care!


(1) SEIU and the “persuasion of power;” Update: St. Louis thuggery on tape


One comment on “North Carolina congressman Gets Death Threat Over Healthcare Reform

  1. Although I don’t dismiss it completely, I kind of dismiss it completely. The same applies with the swastika painted on a sign on another congressman’s sign. I’ve seen, too many times, that these are contrived and false to believe anything they say. My experience has taught me that almost ALL of these unbelievably racist acts have been staged and are false. They want the “masses” to believe that our country is two decades in the past as opposed to what we really are. We have a black President for crying out loud. Stop using the friggin race card because it’s getting old and tiresome. Some congressman got a “death threat” and we’re supposed to get all wet and bothered? How about the citizens that have been threatened for stating their opinion? I’m a cop, I get a “death threat” every other week. Sorry if I don’t give a sh.t. You have Secret Service protecting you, I have myself… my last “contract on my life” was $50,000. Let’s compare! Quit being a god damned drama queen and be a man!

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