Democrats are thinking of trashing Town Halls Meetings


Though town halls are American as apple pie and one of the great examples of direct democracy, Democratic congressmen are thinking of trashing the concept, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read More

The Democrats must not have any good answers to the people of America questions! What we need to remember come 2010 elections is that they do not want to answer to the American people when in fact they are suppose to be working for us, not Obama! Kick all the dirty rats out of congress come election day.


2 comments on “Democrats are thinking of trashing Town Halls Meetings

  1. Just recently there seems to have developed a more “violent” aspect to the town hall meetings and even death threats against a congressman. I don’t condone the violence or the threats. But doesn’t it seem as if some of the violence is coming from pro Obama folks. Granted they have just as much of a right to protest, as I think that is a cherished American concept. you know, peaceable assembly and all. Why can’t the meetings be more civil, on both sides? Just don’t know but that bothers me almost as much as the health care issue.

  2. I agree! I remember back to Code Pink and the Liberal protesters against the Iraq war was allow to protest without the conservatives getting violence and or death threats. Now that the conservatives has awaken to protest against Obama’s socialist policies the far left liberals don’t like it. Its a matter of freedom of speech.

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