Clunker program more important to strengthen the auto industry?

I read this in my local paper The Whiteville News Reporter!

The program has come under fire from environmentals who claim allowing individuals to trade large sport utility vehicles for new models that get as little as two more miles per gallon defeats the purpose of the program.

Federal officials have admitted in published reports that while they thought to sell more environmentally friendly vehicles, strengthening the auto industry is the most important effect of the clunker program.

The problem is Obama didn’t say that the program was to help the auto industry now did he! Is this the reason he will not release the data on what cars are selling and whats not selling? This is a scam ran by our own government. Haven’t we gave enough to the auto industries? We been lied to again!


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  1. Yes it explains that the Clunkers program is helping send American tax money overseas to Toyota and Honda auto manufacturers! Also it will hurt the Used Car Dealers here in America because there will be a used car shortage!
    From the URL blogreader posted!
    This morning the international manufacturers are leading the way, with Toyota (TM) up 2.71% and Honda (HMC) up 2.63%. The “Cash-For-Clunkers” deals are pushing the sector higher.

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