Obama’s Job Approval Jan 21, 2009 – Aug 1, 2009 (A Steady Fall)


What say you? Will Obama listen to the American people or will he keep on his far left liberal agenda? He’s also bring down the blue dog democrats in congress with an election coming up in 2010


(1) Obamacare clears House Energy and Committee hurdle; 4 Blue Dogs heel

(2) Eating and Drinking at the White House

(3) ACORN Fully Exposed By Darrell Issa

(4) Black Cambridge Cops Back Crowley’s Actions – Kelly King: “Charges Are Bogus, I Won’t Vote for Obama Again” (video)

(5) Ben Stein: We’ve Figured Obama Out

(6) DeKalb County Georgia, Background Check On Obama, Placed On Leave, Secret Service called, Officers have standing in court