House Democrats See Healthcare Deal Hopes Collapse


The leader of a group of Democratic fiscal conservatives in the House of Representatives said talks on a U.S. healthcare overhaul bill fell apart on Friday and that he saw no possibility of a deal now.

Representative Mike Ross said that “after over a week of very intense and what I believe to be good faith negotiations … it pretty much fell apart this afternoon.”

Despite personal appeals this week from President Barack Obama and hours of negotiations with Democratic leaders and White House staff, the conservatives known as “Blue Dogs” said their concerns about containing medical costs had not been resolved. Read More

If I was a democrat and was up for re-election in 2010 no way would I vote for Obamacare or Cap and Trade because I would not want to go down with Barack Obama. Obama’s coattail will be very short by election time if he keeps on his far left liberal path. The American people will make a change in congress and get rid of those that are not listening to them.

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