Conservatives Now Outnumber Liberals Almost Two to One in America

Americans who consider themselves conservatives now outnumber Americans who consider themselves liberal by almost two to one, according to a new poll by the Washington Post and ABC News. Read More

So how about it conservatives, will you vote for a far left liberal again? Its time for a real change! The democrats need to be cleaned out in 2010 and a balance congress is needed in the worst way.


4 comments on “Conservatives Now Outnumber Liberals Almost Two to One in America

  1. A few points on the poll: I never find 1000 people representative of the whole country. However, if we are to accept these results as indicative, then we may also want to analyze what people define as conservative. Today’s conservative was yesterday’s moderate. Today’s moderate was yesterday’s liberal. The point being that our society has consistently shifted left, which makes me wonder, how many of those “conservatives” polled were really conservatives, or really just uninformed moderates?

  2. Polls are just that! Polls on Obama could be question in the same manner…
    The polls has been pretty well on and so I would think this one is also!

  3. Well, if you have Barack Obama as being on the extreme left, then how do you see yourself on the scale? Using that as a benchmark, I would consider myself conservative.

  4. Thats the way I see it rjjrdq, Obama being a far left liberal, I would say that I’m right of center and a conservative.

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