Obama and the Democrats buying more votes with ObamaCare


This Healthcare overhaul the Obama Administration and the democrat/socialists are trying to ram down the throats of Americans has more politics in it than the entire US Congress together!

We have somewhere between 12 million and 20 million illegal aliens inside the borders of the US right now, today. Under ObamaCare they would receive free healthcare just as the Americans who live here legally, work in the US, and pay their taxes. That’s right! 12 million to 20 million illegal immigrants will receive taxpayer-subsidized health insurance coverage. And consider this: The Healthcare plan being now in the Senate Finance Committee actually exempts illegal aliens from the mandate to buy insurance. You may recall that a part of the bill would make it mandatory that LEGAL citizens of the US have Health Insurance or be fined. But, hey, if you are in this country illegally, having broken in and violated the law, you can receive the same healthcare as the legal folks who are paying for in with the hard earned money they gave to the federal government in taxes. Oh, of course even though you are illegal you will be expected to support the Democratic Party. Oh, that last part (about supporting the Democratic Party) isn’t written down anywhere, but it is understood , even so.
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Are you willing to pay more taxes so that illegals in our Country can have free health care?


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