Blue Dog Dems Says ‘Mandate’ for Abortion in Obamacare Bill


Democratic lawmakers opposed to federal funding for abortions said Tuesday the House leadership’s health care bill contains a “hidden mandate” that would allow taxpayer dollars to be used to end pregnancies.

It’s the latest controversy to hit the health care overhaul in a week that has seen Republicans sharpen their attacks and some Democrats start to waver on President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority.
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Over the congress break hopefully the lawmakers will read the Obamacare bill before deciding to vote for it or not. How can we trust what Obama promises when he has broken all promises so far? I voted for one democrat Rep. last election and if he votes for the Obamacare bill he will lose my vote the next time he’s up for election, same goes for republicans I voted for. We need a change in Washington and a balance congress!


(1) Obamacare: Code Blue


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