Video: The Anti-American President

This is Obama’s own kind speaking about what he is. I will let you decide!

(1) Barack Obama speaks the truth! Update: Mayo not okay-o with Obamacare

(2) Glimpse of Obamacare future: 83 million would lose private coverage

(3) Constitutional Radio, July 21


4 comments on “Video: The Anti-American President

  1. I don’t know about the people in the audience but larrys was steaming cause he had the gall to call me racist. 🙂
    But I didn’t vote for Obama, he did! The Rev. in the video said most everyone that voted for Obama was anti-America.

  2. Manning is one of the only Pastors who kept warning and gave insights about Obama, and his proposed plans.
    This was long before the elections.
    Many called Manning crazy at the time.
    Manning must know a lot about Obama and his many associates especailly those in Chicago. many of us watch Manning at least 4 days weekly.

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