Congress Authorized CIA to Develop Secret Al Qaeda Plan

Congress originally authorized the CIA to develop the secret counterterrorism program that is now drawing fierce criticism from House Democrats who say they were kept in the dark all along, a former senior intelligence official told FOX News on Monday.

The program, which sources told FOX News was a plan to capture or kill Al Qaeda operatives, also never came close to being operational, the intelligence official said

Another official told The Associated Press that while Congress was aware of the program. Read More

The Democrats are barking up the wrong tree again!

Democrats Call for Probe Over Canceled CIA Program Never Reviewed by Congress

Democratic senators are calling for an investigation after learning Congress wasn’t briefed about an covert CIA counterterrorism program allegedly ordered to be kept secret by former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Republican lawmakers suggested that the recent barrage of complaints about congressional oversight is an attempt to divert attention from Pelosi’s accusation.

“This, of course, comes on the heels of a statement — unproven, by the way of Speaker Pelosi that the CIA had lied to her about enhanced interrogation techniques, and this looks to me suspiciously like an attempt to provide political cover to her and others,” said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, adding that he thinks Congress should have been briefed about any new CIA programs.

“To trot out the vice president and say he’s the one that’s at fault this is unfortunately sounds like a new theme where they still want to blame the Bush-Cheney administration for the economy and for other things,” Cornyn told “FOX News Sunday.” Read More

You have to sit back and laugh at the Democrats trying to protect Nancy Pelosi! And again the Democrats barking trying to be bold when they’re whining cry babies! Back to the drawing board Democrats!


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