Failure on Healthcare Could Make Obama A One Term President! – Stimulus is a Costly ‘Flop’

For President Barack Obama, failure on healthcare is not an option.

With the economy struggling and his poll numbers dipping, the president who made “change” his campaign mantra cannot afford to come up empty on his top legislative priority a long-sought overhaul of the costly and complex U.S. healthcare system.

The gathering debate in the Democratic-controlled Congress will be the biggest test yet of Obama’s ability to work with lawmakers and deliver on promises. Failure would spark new doubts about a president still seeking a signature accomplishment.

“The guy made big promises and said, ‘Yes, we can,’ but the question still is, ‘Can he?'” Democratic consultant Doug Schoen said. “Failure begats failure, and failure here would raise questions about his ability to lead on a lot of issues.” Click here to read more.

And it looks like Obama’s Healthcare plan is in a mess! No way to pay for it cause he already spent all of the Tax payers money on things he can not show for!

Stimulus is a Costly ‘Flop’
Republicans called Obama’s $787 billion spending plan a “flop” and said it hasn’t fulfilled its hype. They criticized the White House for increasing the federal deficit and doing little to combat an unemployment rate that hit 9.5 percent in June. Read More

We the people are concern about the lost of jobs since Obama took office and the taxes that we will have to pay over many years!

Obama Health Plan Doomed by Taxes
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich tells Newsmax that President Barack Obama’s health care plan will lead to a “red-tape-ridden” national insurance program — and says having bureaucrats make decisions on people’s health care is “profoundly wrong.”

He also predicted that Democrats won’t be able to pass the health care plan by Congress’ August recess because Americans won’t stand for the massive tax increases it will entail. Read More

Well there we have it in a nut shell people, what do you think of Obama’s policies so far?