Obama Wants Slavery’s Past Taught in U.S.


Obama compared the legacy of slavery to the history of the Holocaust.
Obama and his family visited a West African castle where traders once shipped slaves to the New World. Read More

Is Obama trying to stir up the blacks against the white? I said long ago at the first of this election that Obama would set civil rights back 50 years or more! He sure likes to bring up slaves alot. Obama you need to blame the Brits and Africans for selling slaves, not the people who fed and cared for them once over here!


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  1. Let Barry Soetoro focus on the Africans and Muslim slavetraders who were in the forefront of slavery. They were doing this before there was an America. Screw this rascist POS, the POSOTUS. We must focus on the “slavery”that this creep is thrusting upon us. Our children, our grandchildren and future generations because of him will at best be indentured servants to the U. S. government.

  2. Obama might find this particularly convenient, because it deals with another of his favored groups, but Hispanics. It was the Spanish who committed genocide against the indigenous of what we now called, “Latin” America, and then created the trans-Atlantic slave trade, buying and exploiting more than 8 million African slaves to mine gold, and other resources of those lands. They worked most of those African slaves to death. The Spanish also introduced African slavery to what we now call the US, in their colonies in the southeastern portion of the country. It was the Spanish and Portuguese who controlled the majority of the African slave trade, regarding the slaves brought to these shores. Let’s get on to something as inconvenient to Obama, he has in his administration an individual whose ancestor was the aristocrat that made the suggestion to the Spanish crown, that Spain replace the indigenous slaves they’d killed, with African slaves. That aristocrat’s descendants later received a land grant in what we now call Colorado. The same land grant that said administration appointee liked to hold up as “proof” that the Hispanics were here first, Ken Salazar. Salazar doesn’t like to discuss it, but the Spanish have never owned American land, it belonged to the native peoples, but other ancestors of his slaughtered indigenous Americans, enslaving them, Utes, Navajo and Apache, shooting or chopping the feet off of native women, children and men who sought to defend themselves or escape. Salazar and his family have the blood of untold millions of African and indigenous people on their hands.

    Salazar and other Hispanic supremacists refuse to admit to their ethnicity’s role in the slave trade, in fact Spain and Latin American countries have long sought to create false history, first claiming that the indigenous just, “disappeared”, then they tried to blame the English for killing the indigenous in Latin America, and that prior to that, the Spanish lived in “peace and justice” with the native peoples, then they tried claiming that the Hispanic peoples intermarried with the indigenous. Their problem was, that the Spanish aristocrats, and Spanish priests all kept such detailed records and journals of what they had done, because they were proud of their atrocities, considering them noble acts.

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