UPDATE 13 JULY: Obama’s Approval Rating Drops To Its Lowest!

American People Trust Republicans More than Democrats on Eight of 10 Key Issues! Obama’s ratings falling Fast!


32% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-seven percent (37%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of –5. Click Source to read more.

Its about time the American people wake up to the socialist over spending policies of Obama! He is bankrupting America and causing more hardship on the people with higher taxes! Not only that but making it more dangerous for America by giving up our missile defense!



(1) Media Ignores Obama’s Falling Polls July 7, 2009

(2) The Obamination That Spreads Desolation


4 comments on “UPDATE 13 JULY: Obama’s Approval Rating Drops To Its Lowest!

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  2. The American people should just impose a Nationwide Strike of their own. A UPS/Truckers strike shuts this Country down in three days or less. We Americans can do the same . It’s as easy as sitting your happy ass down in a chair. Just shut the Country and the World down.
    Obama will get an American lesson Union style, no labor contract needed. Support the FREE markets. Make your run on the banks to get your cash. Buy ONLY the basic necessities of life. Conserve gas, stay home. Do local things. Support your local economies.
    Do the opposite of what obama wants and expects. He’ll be on his knees in a day, a week at most with tears inhis eyes.
    Instead of crying and bitching , take action in the largest American protest and boycott these radical left wing anti-American policies of thievery of OUR $$$$.
    Nothing has worked as he said, and it never will. The govenment can only steal so much money from OUR pockets until the People have nothing left to take but the lint.
    Remember, “Freedom Is Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Loose”, and WE are lossing OUR Financial Freedom right before OUR lying eyes.
    obama and congress are pickpockets , gangsters and racketeers with law licences.
    Advocate for The Fair Tax Plan. Only and idiot doesn’t want to save their own money! When was the last time the obama’s sat their happy asses down and wrote a seperate check to the IRS? The IRS would cash it, no questions asked! When that happens, let me know. Oh ya, I forgot the MSM woun’t cover the Fair Tax Plan or anything associated with it. Why does obama conceal this from every African American community in this Country? Because the Fair Tax Plan is NOT socialism, for the reliance upon the govenment for cradle to grave support.
    The passage of The Fair Tax Plan would give everyone the money needed to afford healthcare in the free market., including the return of 13 trillion dollars of off-shore American dollars. No stimulus package[s] of taxpayers monies needed!
    This is our demand including the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment and all other Peolsi , Reid, Frank, Dodd, Durbin et. al. legislation , and obama Executive Orders repealed and/or recinded. Then we’ll get out of OUR chairs. Real Patriots stand up rubbing the dogs fur the wrong way in the name of Freedom. Lets bite the hand that’s starving us by giving the story away.

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