Cap-and-Trade Bill Creates ‘Retrofit’ Policy for Homes and Businesses


The 1,400-page cap-and-trade legislation pushed through by House Democrats contains a new federal policy that residential, commercial, and government buildings be retrofitted to increase energy efficiency, leaving it up to the states to figure out exactly how to do that.

This means that homeowners, for example, could be required to retrofit their homes to meet federal “green” guidelines in order to sell their homes, if the cap-and-trade bill becomes law. Read More

Obama is now taking your freedom in how you manage your home. Under Obama we have no freedom to live our life the way we would like to! Next he will try taking over our families and ruling how we live! When will we the American people stand up and fight back letting the government know enough is enough and we will not stand for more of our freedoms to be taking by Obama the Radical?


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