House Republican leader John Boehner Asks Obama & Dems: ‘Where Are the Jobs?’

Republicans concerned about the Obama administration’s big spending on economic stimulus, energy and health care are asking, “Where are the jobs?”

“The president and Democrats in Congress claim this spending binge is necessary to put Americans back to work,” House Republican leader John Boehner said Saturday in the Republican radio and Internet address. “They promised unemployment would not rise above 8 percent if their trillion-dollar stimulus was passed.

“But our nation has lost nearly 3 million jobs this year. Unemployment has soared above 9 percent. And now the president admits that unemployment will soon reach double digits.

“After all of this spending, after all of this borrowing from China, the Middle East, our children and our grandchildren, where are the jobs?” Boehner said. Read More

3 million jobs this year under Obama and I’m sure that it adds up to 3 million less votes for the democrats and Obama in the up coming elections!


4 comments on “House Republican leader John Boehner Asks Obama & Dems: ‘Where Are the Jobs?’

  1. Did you hear what Boehner said about the fiasco of a climate control, uh change bill? It was great.

  2. Boehner called the bill a piece of s—t, guess you can fill in the blanks. Sad to say, that is probably an understatement. A Republican with a bit of gumption, huh?

  3. Wish all the Republicans had alittle gumption! Is it 2010 yet? I’m ready to vote again! 🙂

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