UPDATED: Gov. Sarah Palin is the most popular Republican


73% of Republicans have a favorable opinion of Gov. Sarah Palin (17% unfavorable) while only 57% have a favorable opinion (18% unfavorable) of Mitt Romney

The 2012 election is way off. But Republicans are known to go with the guy who finished second last time. Is it Mitt Romney, who finished behind John McCain in the primaries? Or is it Sarah Palin, who almost carried McCain to the White House last fall?

Republicans seem to be leaning toward Palin.
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UPDATE: More About Palin

BUMPED: Video: Palin Addressing Troops in Kosovo; UPDATE: Additional Footage

Senator John Kerry “Well, shoot, of all the governors in the nation to disappear, too bad it couldn’t have been that Governor from Alaska.” Read More

The more the liberal democrats attack Gov. Sarah Palin the more the American people like her! I still think she had more experience to lead America than Obama had. Matter of fact I think State Governors make better presidents and Senators never has mad very good presidents in my opinion!


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  1. I’m sure it will not be any reason for the stupid liberals to enjoy! I think she will have more power now that she will not be a government figure! We shall see!

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