Obama ‘Goal’ Is Economic Collapse says U.S. Rep. Ron Paul

“An economic collapse seems to be the goal of Congress and this administration,” Paul said during his weekly radio address Monday.

“Washington spends with impunity, domestically bailing and nationalizing basically everything they can get their hands on,” Paul said.

“Congress exercises its constitutional prerogatives through the power of the purse,” Paul said. “As long as Congress continues to enable these dangerous interventions abroad, there is no end in sight: that is until we face total economic collapse.”
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I do agree that Obama is out to bankrupt America!


2 comments on “Obama ‘Goal’ Is Economic Collapse says U.S. Rep. Ron Paul

  1. I don’t think his intention is to bankrupt the country, but I do think that he is perfectly wiling to bankrupt the country if that’s what it takes to “remake America” … into a one-party socialist state. In other words, fiscal disaster is not the end, but rather a perfectly acceptable means to an end.

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